Tire Balance

27 Oct Tire Balance

We talk often about vehicle maintenance. And it’s for a good reason: let regular maintenance schedules slide and watch the vehicle we appreciate deteriorate; a small problem could develop into a much larger, and more expensive, and more expansive one.

Tire Balance

And tire balance and scheduled rotation is often an overlooked component of vehicle maintenance. In fact, it’s such a common service that it should be performed at the same interval (number of miles) as the standard oil change.

It’s obvious that if the tires on your vehicle are in tip top shape and balanced properly then the ride will be smooth. If the tires on the vehicle are improperly balanced, regardless of condition, then the ride is going to feel irregular, bumpy.

And even though it’s a minor annoyance to have a bumpy ride, it’s more annoying when those same tires, in terrific condition, wear improperly because of imbalance, and then deteriorate to a condition of premature wear and replacement. Expensive. Much more expensive than a simple rotate and balance.

When it comes to safety, tires that are properly balanced and in good condition will ride better and be less likely to wear improperly. A tire that is worn improperly, with an irregular wear pattern, could be more susceptible to blowout, and a tire blowout could leave you stranded or, worse, struggling to correct your fast-moving vehicle on the Interstate or Highway.

Vehicle maintenance is an absolute necessity to vehicle ownership; it’s also important to have a quality mechanic, like your mechanic at Willard’s Garage, who can both care for your vehicle in times of basic maintenance and then also do the major repairs when needed. If you are ready to schedule your next service, then call your mechanic at Willard’s Garage today.

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