Buy New or Restore?

27 Oct Buy New or Restore?

There are times when vehicle maintenance or repair is completely unavoidable; our vehicles undergo constant wear and tear and eventually something, some component, will break down. For instance, a simple hose which is made out of an incredibly durable rubber, but a rubber that will eventually break down, can dry out and crack; the metal on the rotors can warp and wear thin; the electrical system can go on the fritz; the brake pads and tires can wear.

But even though all these minor breakdowns can land you at Willard’s Garage, waiting for your favorite mechanic to get your vehicle back up on all four wheels and running in tip-top shape, it doesn’t mean that you should replace the vehicle. Most repairs are quite inexpensive, especially when you consider the cost of a brand-new vehicle, fresh off the lot; one day that expensive, great-looking fresh car will need repairs and look as worn as your current vehicle.

But there are times when replacement is something to consider, especially when a vehicle crosses the threshold (different for every make and model of car) of high-mileage. 100,000 miles is often a benchmark for when a vehicle’s components, motor, etc., can begin to show signs of wear; ad, while that number is true for some types, makes, etc. it’s not true for others (certain diesels, for instance, are still considered in infancy in the 100,000-mile range).

And for many of these minor repairs, your mechanic at Willard’s Garage can both keep your vehicle in tip top shape and recommend a plan to manage the potential problems your vehicle could soon face, as components continue to wear.

And while there are certain protections when you buy a new vehicle such as warranties, etc., those protections are only valid for a certain mileage (It’s one of the reasons the vehicle lease has become so incredibly popular in recent years). Vehicle’s will still break down, even a new vehicle can have problems.

But thankfully you have your trusted mechanics at Willard’s Garage to keep your vehicle running in top shape. And if you have any questions about your vehicle, or would like to schedule service, then call Willard’s Garage today.

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