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17 Sep Shocks and Struts: The Importance of Regular Maintenance

The components that help to keep your vehicle running effectively and efficiently are numerous. It’s one of the reasons why routine maintenance and regular tune ups are essential to ensuring that your vehicle is running to its fullest potential. One component, often overlooked until it...

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17 Sep Synthetic Oil vs Conventional: Are There Significant Differences?

Synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional motor oil, and it’s possible that the price difference has always kept a few folks from either making the switch or asking their professional mechanic at Willard’s Garage about synthetic oil. There are a few differences, and the...

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03 Aug Preventative Maintenance: 4 Ways to Keep Your Vehicle Healthy

Regardless of the age of your vehicle, preventative maintenance is important. To run efficiently, your vehicle relies on many components working together as a cohesive whole. When the smaller components wear out or break, the bigger components follow. And when one of the bigger components...

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06 May Differences Between Wheel Alignment and Front End Alignment

Most folks understand the importance of regular maintenance: routine oil changes and tire pressure checks, balance, and rotation. It’s common for the word alignment to be grouped into the maintenance category, but did you know there are two types? There’s front end alignment, which is...

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19 Feb Problems with Your Vehicle’s Heating and Cooling System: Symptoms and Preventative Maintenance

We often talk about the importance of preventative maintenance; it’s the cornerstone of long-term health, efficiency, and reliability. And your vehicle’s heating and cooling systems are important components that require regular maintenance. The winter chill is starting to take hold of our state, and your vehicle’s...

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19 Feb Alignment: It’s important…Here’s why

It’s a strange feeling: you’re driving down the road and the vehicle seems to be pulling left and right, and the response time for any corrections you make with the steering wheel are eerily-slow. It’s likely if you ever do find yourself in this situation...

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