Wheel Alignment

13 Nov Wheel Alignment

All vehicles are going to need service at some point. Oil changes, tire rotations, etc., are all a routine responsibility for the owner of a vehicle.

But there are other responsibilities, some of which may get overlooked, to keep your vehicle working efficiently. And one of those often-overlooked vehicle-owner responsibilities is wheel alignment.

One of the biggest reasons to get a wheel alignment is that it is a reasonably-priced service and the payoffs are usually much greater than the cost of the job.

A vehicle that operates smoothly and efficiently will incur less wear and tear throughout its life, which will mean less time spent in the auto shop, and less money to be spent on repairs. Another reason why proper alignment is important is safety.

When a vehicle has an improper alignment, it can struggle or become unstable while in a turn, especially at higher highway-type speeds. And another reason is the tangible difference in tire wear on a vehicle with misaligned wheels.

All four tires should incur wear at similar to identical rates. When a vehicle’s wheels are misaligned, it can put undue stress on the tires, causing the tires to wear independently, one tire or two will wear at a much quicker rate, and much more unevenly than the others. The cost of premature tire wear and the dangers of improperly worn tires definitely outweigh the potential costs of a wheel alignment service.

If you have never had the wheels on your vehicle aligned, and the vehicle has operated for more than 12,000 miles, then it’s time to get it in for service. A vehicle’s wheels should be aligned every 12,00 miles, or yearly, to keep them in proper working condition.

If you have any questions about wheel alignment, or if you need to schedule a service or repair with your professional mechanic at Willard’s Garage, then don’t hesitate and call today. Remember, if you keep your vehicle serviced it will continue to operate with efficiency, saving you money and keeping you safe.

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