Diagnose Engine Problems

20 Aug Diagnose Engine Problems

Did you know that it’s very possible to diagnose an issue within our vehicle’s engine by smell? It’s true. And while it is also true that our vehicles rely on us to provide them regular maintenance to keep them in top shape, it is also possible that certain components, especially those associated with the engine, either wear or break down unexpectedly regardless of our commitment. Oftentimes, the problem within the engine will be signaled by a smell (There are other symptoms that signal problems, especially sound). It’s especially important if you do notice a smell from the engine to get the vehicle to your mechanic at Willard’s Garage immediately; engine problems will not resolve without intervention, and if the vehicle remains operable, the longer it’s driven the greater the chance that the problem will not only get worse, but it could cause other components to break or wear prematurely in the process.

The classic burnt rubber smell indicates that something made of rubber has come in contact with something hot. The most common reason for the smell is that a belt or hose has come loose and is in contact with a moving metal part.

There is also a chance that you suddenly smell of gasoline while operating your vehicle. It usually means that there is a leak either in the fuel injectors or in the tank. It’s especially important that a potential gasoline leak be inspected and, when needed, repaired by your mechanic at Willard’s Garage.

An odd burning carpet smell usually means that there is an issue within the vehicles braking system, and the pads or rotors are overheating. Any problem within the braking system should be checked immediately by your mechanic at Willard’s Garage.

Possibly the strangest smell, which can only be described as a sweet smell, is leaking engine coolant. A coolant leak may not sound catastrophic, but a leak can be devastating and cause major havoc.

There are many reasons why your vehicle could potentially become symptomatic with an engine problem, and your experienced mechanic at Willard’s Garage will diagnose the potential problem, fix it, and get your vehicle back out on the road.

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