Winter Car Care Tips

05 Mar Winter Car Care Tips

Wintertime driving conditions can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s exterior. And the majority of us refrain from washing our vehicles in winter because there’s always the chance that a storm will put slush on the roads, and the snow/gravel/mud mix that the tires of our vehicles churn from the roadway will splatter down the side panels. But it’s a good idea to wash your vehicle regularly in winter. Here’s why.

First, the salt that gets put down on the roadway that’s designed to melt the ice is corrosive. It can damage a vehicle’s paint job, eat away at the clear coat, damage the exhaust system, brake and gas lines—anything that substance touches it can harm. That doesn’t mean, however, that every time you drive slushy roadways you need to pay a visit to the wash. It does mean that your vehicle should be washed regularly—every week or two when the conditions require it.

The tires also benefit from a wash. A simple wash can reduce wear and tear. It’s also important that your tires are filled to optimum psi levels. Wintertime temperatures can have impact on the air pressure in the tires, and tires with low air pressure can cause decreased fuel efficiencies and possibly even make driving conditions dangerous on slick roads.

A quick rinse at the car wash removes the grime and gunk (salt…) from the headlights, taillights, and all the windows. And when the gunk is removed, you stand less a chance accidentally rubbing against the vehicle and staining your clothing before work, etc.

Hopefully spring is soon on the way, but if Mother Nature still has a few storms planned for all of us here in Montana, drive safe and remember to keep your vehicle clean. And remember that your experienced mechanics at Willard’s Garage can help with anything from routine maintenance to significant repair. Call today.

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