Windshield Defrost: Strategies to Keep your Windshield Clear of Fog and Ice/Snow

09 Jan Windshield Defrost: Strategies to Keep your Windshield Clear of Fog and Ice/Snow

Everyday windshield scraping is an almost sacred practice in Montana in winter. And the problem oftentimes is that once you remove the ice and snow from the outside of the windows/windshield and you get back into the vehicle, suddenly the heat from your body or breath fogs up the inside of the glass and you end up waiting for the vehicles defrost to clear it away. Unfortunately, this is time lost, and if it’s early in the morning, before work, it might make you late. But here’s a few tips to keep those windows/windshield clear of snow and ice, fog. 

There’s no one thing that’s going to entirely rid the glass on your vehicle from the elements, but the most important thing is to keep the windshield and the windows free and clear of dirt and debris. Clean the outside and inside of your vehicle’s glass with a glass cleaner. The reason? Dirt and other debris give the moisture something to cling to; the excessive moisture will make the windows foggier. It’s a simple but effective method. Another way to reduce the moisture level is to limit wet clothing, boots, hats, gloves, anything that can contribute to moisture. Steam from your morning cup of coffee can cause excessive moisture. 

The second method is to turn on the engine, warming the engine and the vehicle’s heating system before you turn on the defrost. And when you do turn on the defrost, turn it on full blast. Use it on full blast for at least as long as it takes to clear away enough fog to see out from the windshield safely. 

There are other methods, some practical and some not. One includes filling a sock with kitty litter and placing the sock on the dash. The kitty litter is supposed to attract and soak up the moisture within the vehicle. There is also a vinegar spray concoction that can both prevent a windshield from icing up and/or help to remove the ice from the windshield with a scraper. 

Whatever methods you choose—or decide to experiment with—remember that Willard’s Garage is ready to help you with all the rest of your vehicle’s problems.

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