High-Mileage Vehicles

07 Feb High-Mileage Vehicles

There is a certain pride that comes from keeping a vehicle on the road past the prime life-span of many of its counterparts. And the secret to keeping that vehicle on the road, and working in tip-top condition is regular maintenance. It’s possible for a vehicle to exceed not only one-hundred thousand miles but three-hundred thousand miles with regular maintenance, a few bump-and- bruise-type fixes from your mechanic at Willard’s Garage, and a little luck.

Vehicle maintenance is vitally important. That means you should check the oil regularly, and replace it when it’s dirty. Don’t drive a vehicle when the oil is dirty, because the grit will wear down the engine components, shortening the engine’s lifespan. If you have any questions as to what fresh oil looks like vs dirty oil, then check with your mechanic the next time you have your vehicle at Willard’s Garage. Also, if you notice any strange sounds or vibrations, it’s best to take the car to your mechanic. When your engine or other components make strange sounds it’s because something has changed; there is something broken, something worn away, or something that is on the verge of breaking. Belts are a common component to wear down and produce strange noises. Remember, your vehicle relies on all its components, working in tandem, to operate. And if some of those components break down or wear, it will cause other components to follow suit. Not good.

The other ways to keep your vehicle healthy are simple. First, remember to drive carefully. Sudden starts and stops are hard on the engine and on the components. Also, you will want to keep the interior and exterior clean. Giving the vehicle a good scrub down every now and then will both keep it looking sharp for years to come and keep the exterior free of contaminants and rust.

If you need the services of an experienced mechanic, someone who can help to keep your vehicle out on the road for miles and miles, years and years, then call the mechanics at Willard’s Garage today.

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