What is an Auto Tune up?

11 Apr What is an Auto Tune up?

When does a vehicle need a tune up? What happens during a tune up? Does that mean that the mechanic checks on and works on the engine? These are questions you may be asking yourself. You’ve probably heard of an auto tune up, but maybe you don’t realize what happens while your vehicle is at the mechanic’s, or maybe you’ve avoided bringing your vehicle to your mechanic at Willard’s Garage because a tune up sounds ambiguous. Here’s a few of the reasons why you need a tune up, and what will likely happen to your vehicle when you bring it to the garage.

You may need to bring your vehicle in for a tune up if your vehicle is no longer working in tip top shape: maybe it’s making a funny sound, or maybe it doesn’t start up like it once did, or maybe one of the indicator lights is illuminated and you’re unsure of the reason. Check engine lights are there for a reason, and even if the light comes on and the vehicle seems to be working properly, there’s some underlying issue, spotted by the vehicle’s diagnostic system, and should not be ignored. Another common indicator of a much-needed tune up is when the vehicle suddenly struggles to shift properly This can mean an issue within the transmission and you should never leave these issues to resolve on their own, because they won’t resolve properly.

Your mechanic at Willard’s garage will likely check your vehicle’s ignition, which includes the spark plugs, plug wires and coils, and the other electrical components. They will also check your vehicle’s filters, replacing dirty filters when needed, and also checking the belts and hoses. And all the fluids will be checked, topped off, and possibly replaced.

Hopefully we’ve eliminated the ambiguity involved in a vehicle tune up, and if you feel more comfortable with the process, and you want to keep your vehicle in tip top, efficient shape, then bring it in to your expert mechanic at Willard’s Garage today.

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