Synthetic Oil vs Conventional: Are There Significant Differences?

17 Sep Synthetic Oil vs Conventional: Are There Significant Differences?

Synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional motor oil, and it’s possible that the price difference has always kept a few folks from either making the switch or asking their professional mechanic at Willard’s Garage about synthetic oil. There are a few differences, and the price increase may be worth it.

Synthetic oil is different than conventional oil because it is made up of artificial chemical compounds; these compounds include a base oil, carrier oil, and additives. The carrier oil helps to evenly distribute the oil through the engine’s parts, offering much greater protection. Synthetic oil will also be much more efficient and last longer.

Synthetic oils run through the engines systems cleanly, offering superior lubrication to the engine’s many parts. Conventional oils are successful at lubrication, although they are not as refined as synthetic, and possibly include impurities (waxes, and sulfur). The superior protection and lubrication means that the synthetic oil will last much longer than a conventional oil, and because synthetic oil can handle much greater temperatures than conventional (Conventional oils have a breakdown upper limit of 250-300 degrees, while synthetic oils have a breakdown/oxidation limit near 450 degrees—some higher).

The costs associated with synthetic oil can easily be justified: less frequent oil changes, the mileage gained on the engine, the protection offered to the engine’s parts, and the reduced costs of maintenance costs in the long run.

Regardless of the oil you choose to put in your vehicle, it’s important to always remember to keep regular maintenance schedules. Regular oil changes keep your vehicle healthy and running efficiently. If you are ready to schedule your next service appointment, or would like to speak with your mechanic at Willard’s Garage about the benefits of synthetic oils, then call today.

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