Run Flats vs Conventional

28 Jan Run Flats vs Conventional

In the last five years several automakers have adopted the run flat tire as standard on certain models. And while it may seem like a great idea to remove the spare tire compartment and open up cargo space in a vehicle that’s lacking space, the run flats may not inspire enough confidence to make the extra cargo space worthwhile. If you’ve never heard of a run flat tire, it’s supposed to be able to remain inflated, remain functional for a certain mileage for which its rated. The idea is sound, and the pros include the (hopeful) assurances of the technology that a flat won’t leave you stranded in a dark parking lot somewhere, or out on a two-lane highway with limited shoulder space. The idea (Again, considering the technology does work as intended) is that a driver is never more than the tire’s rated distance from a service station, and the driver will be able to get to help and intervention before the vehicle is lame with a flat on the side of the road.

The problem with a run flat tire is that you have to rely on the tire’s technology without the backup of a spare. In vehicles that rely on run flat tires, there’s often not enough room for a spare or to add a spare in the trunk space takes up most of the available cargo area. The difficulty of where we live is that while you drive around Billings, you are never out of range of your mechanic at Willard’s Garage; if the tire is pierced by a nail you can drive it to your mechanic’s where they can replace the ruined tire. However, once you leave the Yellowstone county and head east, there are spans of road that go well-beyond the tire’s rated distance. A spare tire would be a terrific safety backup in the event of a flat.

Run flat tires are also more expensive to replace, and in the event of a puncture the run flat tire cannot be repaired. On a conventional tire, a nail hole that isn’t in the side wall can oftentimes be repaired with great success.

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