Detailing: Simple and Effective with the Right Tools

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10 May Detailing: Simple and Effective with the Right Tools

You don’t often have to detail (Detail, for those who don’t know, is a meticulous cleaning of both the interior and exterior of a vehicle) an entire vehicle, although some of us have dirtier vehicles than others. And a detail job performed once every year seems adequate for most situations. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t clean your vehicle frequently—a well-cleaned carpet, and seats that are debris-free are likely to appear in good condition for longer. But scrubbing those hard-to-reach nooks where debris seems to collect, and the edges around seats and seat runners that seem to collect and retain dirt and debris, etc., is important to keep a clean vehicle that’s comfortable to spend time in everyday; but it is also important because regular maintenance maintains the vehicle’s possible resale value. Here’s a few detail tips… 

The first rule is that a vacuum is only going to get you so far. A vacuum is a terrific tool on the carpets, but it’s the wrong choice on the plastic or soft-touch-types of interior, because the vacuums plastic head is likely to leave scratches on the material. One tip: use a can of condensed air to blow the debris from the crevices and nooks. If the condensed air isn’t an option, then use a brush (a paintbrush works well) with soft bristles—a synthetic toothbrush has soft enough bristles to prevent the interior from scratching, but it is stiff enough to remove most dirt and debris. 

Glass work is simple, but if you want to get a truly streak-free shine, then use newspaper to scrub the oils of fingerprints and other dirt from the glass. It’s the carbon in the newspaper that leaves the meticulous shine. 

Pet hair is simple to remove. Use a roller brush or wrap your hand with tape to collect the hairs. The tape on the hand trick is simple, and cheap, but you will have to reapply the tape frequently. 

You take care of the appearance of your vehicle, but for all other matters remember that the experts at Willard’s Garage keep your vehicle out on the road, and running smooth. If you need to schedule maintenance, then call Willard’s Garage today.

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