Vehicle Quandary: Why is Oil Leaking from the Vehicle When Parked?

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14 Jul Vehicle Quandary: Why is Oil Leaking from the Vehicle When Parked?

Most of us have owned vehicles that leak oil when parked. There are a number of reasons as to why engine oil would leak, but in all events, it is a sign that your vehicle needs maintenance/service. Here are a few of the common signs of an oil leak, and a few of the possible ways in which your professional mechanic at Willard’s Garage can maintain/fix the problem. 

An oil change is the most important regular maintenance. And if you delay an oil change—delay it by more than a few hundred miles—it could be catastrophic to a vehicle’s engine. Oil’s primary job is to cut down on the friction occurring within the engine. When engine oil ages it can get dirty, and its ability to lubricate the engine parts degrades. And when oil isn’t properly lubricating the engine parts, the engine components are rubbing together, wearing down, corroding, and, potentially, causing mechanical failings. 

There are also other reasons as to why oil leaks from the engine. A degraded engine gasket or a broken oil seal can also cause a leak. Yes, these parts can degrade on their own, overtime, but oftentimes the reasons why these components fail is because the oil is old and dirty. Your mechanic at Willard’s Garage can determine the cause of an oil leak and fix the problem. But how often should you change the oil? It’s best to stick to the vehicle’s manufacturing guidelines. And if the vehicle alerts you that the oil needs to be changed—the change oil light comes on—then an oil change should become your ultimate priority. If the oil change light is on then the chances are that the engine oil is seriously dirty, and should be immediately changed. 

If you notice an oil leak, then take the vehicle to your mechanic at Willard’s garage immediately. It’s probably fine to drive the vehicle for a few miles to get to the shop, but continuing on for miles and miles would be inadvisable. If you’ve noticed an oil leak, then call Willard’s Garage today.

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