Foggy Windshield

16 Oct Foggy Windshield

It’s that time of year again. The warm months have come and gone, and the brisk temps of fall have settled over the Billings area. Cooler temps do pose certain problems to drivers, especially those who unexpectedly find themselves on the cusp of being late for work, and hurry out to the car only to find the inside of the windshield completely fogged. What are the best methods to deal with that fog? How does it happen? Here are a few of the methods to clear away the pesky fog on the windshield…First, know that fog happens because the inside of the car has moisture; moisture comes in on or breath, from our boots, etc. And when that moisture hits windows that are below a certain temperature (the dew point) the moisture turns into condensation on the glass. Second, the fog can appear late, meaning the windshield is clear when you step in the vehicle, but when you turn the key and drive a block, the windshield gets foggy; And it can be difficult to see, especially in a lowlight situation.

The vehicle’s heater accelerates the fog. If the fog appears while you are driving, then turn the hot air to cold, and turn on the windshield defrost. This should clear away the condensation quickly. In an emergency, you may even want to open the window to let in more cold air.

One thing that many don’t realize is that the air recirculation function is much more a detriment than a help in a foggy windshield situation. The air recirculation function is usually a button indicated with a picture of a car and a semi-circular arrow. Many people don’t realize the air recirculation button is pressed or switched to on, and they wonder why they are having difficulty keeping the windshield fog free.

Remember, trying to drive a vehicle with a foggy windshield is a hazard. Keep as safe as possible on the roads this fall, and if you find yourself with a windshield obscured by fog, it may be worth an extra thirty seconds to stop somewhere safe and allow the windshield to clear.

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