How to Change a Headlight

15 Aug How to Change a Headlight

When a headlight goes out on your vehicle it can be frustrating. It’s unfortunate because without two functioning headlights it’s illegal to continue to drive after dark. And because you don’t want to get stopped by your local Police Department, then it’s best to know how to change a headlight quick and easy. Here’s how to do it… 

Now it can be difficult to find the perfect bulb. But choose a bulb that is the right size, and is the appropriate energy consumption, brightness level, color, etc. One thing to remember is that brighter bulbs will emit more bright light than factory counterparts—the percentage of extra light could range up to 80% brighter. 

When you’ve chosen the bulb, it’s time to go the front of the vehicle, remove the headlight cover, and unbolt/screw the entire headlamp assembly (If you have any questions about how to remove the headlamp cover on your own vehicle, then consult the owner’s manual). The bulb will likely be held in by a wiring harness, and you will want to lift the harness clip, twist the broken bulb one quarter turn, and the pull the broken bulb straight out. Then, while wearing gloves, install the new bulb (The gloves are to protect the bulb, but if you don’t have access to gloves you could hold the bulb with a towel) by pushing the bulb into the socket, screwing the bulb in place, and again securing it with the wiring harness. Simple. And remember that your vehicle’s manual will have the exact instructions (vehicles vary on the required steps taken to install a new headlamp). 

And if you take a look at the headlamp cover and you doubt your skill (Or, if you don’t feel like changing the headlight yourself) then you have the experts at Willard’s Garage to replace your vehicle’s broken bulb with a new one—your mechanic can also assist you in the appropriate choice for bulb. If you have any questions, or need to schedule service/repair with your professional mechanic, then call Willard’s Garage today.

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