Diesel Vs Gasoline Engines: Why Do Diesel Engines Last Longer?

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09 Jun Diesel Vs Gasoline Engines: Why Do Diesel Engines Last Longer?

Did you know that a Diesel Engine will likely outlast a Gasoline engine by hundreds of thousands of miles? It’s true—usually true (there have been a few poorly constructed diesel engines produced by companies over the years). All things being equal, a diesel engine could remain on the road for thirty years or more. It’s a common estimate for a gasoline engine, operating under normal conditions, to last for up to 150,00 miles—although sometimes considerably more, sometimes considerably less—while a Diesel engine could go well beyond that lifespan before it begins to break down. One of the reasons (there are a few) is because of the fuel itself: Diesel is a lighter fuel than gasoline. Yes, they are both derived from petroleum, but gasoline compounds are much more detergent, and as they move through the engine they tend to wash away the oil from all of the engine components. There are also timing considerations and torque considerations that divide the two engine types.

Diesel vs Gasoline: Mileage

While neither a conventional diesel engine nor a conventional gasoline engine can claim absolute supremacy in the contest of best gas mileage—hybrids and electrics are considerably more economical and green—a diesel engine should outperform its gasoline counterpart—assuming all things between the two vehicles are equal. And diesel engines do burn more efficiently than conventional gas engines—in this case that means that the diesel engine puts out less greenhouse gas emissions. But unfortunately, a diesel engine is dirtier than its gas counterpart, meaning that it puts out more particulate and air pollutants.


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