Regular Vehicle Maintenance: Keep Your Car on the Road

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08 Apr Regular Vehicle Maintenance: Keep Your Car on the Road

Did you know that the number one factor that determines how long a vehicle stays on the road is how well that vehicle was kept up during its life? It’s true, it’s also true that most people forget to do some of the regular maintenance required to keep a vehicle running well; a quarter of all vehicles are routinely operated on too little engine oil, too little brake fluid, many of them have dirty and clogged air filters, inadequate fluid levels, and some even need new belts—remember that a broken belt can leave you stranded with an inoperable vehicle. Remember the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, because it’s absolutely true when it comes to car maintenance. Do the little things. For instance, you can protect the engine by having a clean air filter in place and have it lubricated with clean oil. The engine is going to last much longer and have less problems over the miles than an engine operating on a clogged filter and a scant supply of dirty oil.

To keep your car running at its best, keep a schedule; bring your car in to Willard’s Garage for routine maintenance at the approximate dates or mileage ranges when the maintenance is needed. In the glove box keep a notebook where you can keep track of the dates at which you had previous service.

Also, on your own, make sure to check the engine oil frequently; even if you have a vehicle with under fifty-thousand miles, check the oil. Remember to check the air pressure in your tires frequently; in most vehicles, there will be a sticker on the inside of the door panel which will indicate the optimal tire pressure, but if there is no sticker present, check the vehicle’s manual. There is a maximal pressure—PSI—written directly on the tire, but different vehicles handle that pressure differently.

For the bigger jobs, remember that the trustworthy experts at Willard’s Garage can keep your vehicle well-maintained and keep it operating well, and out on the road, for years and years to come.

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