Keep the Car in Your Driveway: Safety Tips to Prevent Vehicle Theft

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08 Mar Keep the Car in Your Driveway: Safety Tips to Prevent Vehicle Theft

Many of the tips given out to keep a car from being stolen sound overly practical and obvious, but did you know that car thefts are happening every day in Billings, MT and most of them are entirely preventable? It’s true. Most car thefts are happening because the car has been left running, unlocked, and with no driver—drive up and down any street in Billings in the morning and see the vehicles left in the driveway, running, defrosting.

That brings us to the first point: stay with your car while it’s running. Unfortunately, it’s not safe to leave a vehicle running, unattended, out in the driveway; and neither is it safe to pull into a convenience store parking lot and leave a vehicle running while you run inside—however brief the stop. Also lock your vehicle’s doors when you are going to be away. Today’s vehicles, in comparison to past safety standards, are somewhat difficult to break into and to steal; remember the time when that old jalopy you drove could be started without a key in the ignition or maybe even with a screw driver?

The next point is more suggestive and would require considerable effort—probably too much effort—to be proven to be right or wrong. But, here it is: park your vehicle in a well-lit location to deter thieves. The well-lit location serves two purposes. First—and this is the part that is an assumption more than concrete fact—it will/may have thieves feeling wary of breaking into your car; a dark corner or somewhere under the cover of night only makes them, theoretically, more emboldened—less likely to be caught. But the second aspect of parking in a well-lit location is absolute truth: when your vehicle is parked in a well-lit location you can see what’s around and beneath your vehicle, and hopefully help to avoid any unsafe situations.

Hopefully these tips are common sense, and hopefully because your someone who prides themselves on being a “common-sense-type-of-person” you will have the common sense to trust the experts at Willard’s Garage for all your vehicle’s needs

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