Deal with Foggy Windshield

28 Jan Deal with Foggy Windshield

The warmer months of summer will soon be far behind us, and the briskness of fall and early winter will be the new normal. These cooler temps do come with certain driving-related challenges, especially if you have a vehicle that struggles to start in cold weather. But colder temps can also produce foggy windshield, which can be an annoyance when you’re on a tight schedule. And the days when the windshield needs to be defogged and the exterior scraped free of ice are particularly difficult. What are the best methods to clear away the windshield fog?

Fog occurs because there is moisture; inside the car there is moisture from our breath, our shoes or boots leave moisture on the mats, etc. When the temperatures are perfect, that moisture turns into condensation on the glass. The fog can develop whether or not the vehicle is running. When you drive and the windshield turns foggy the fogginess is a combination of your breath meeting the cold air (At a temperature often described as the dew point).

One of the culprits of fog is the vehicle’s heating system. The heater can accelerate the fog. One pro tip when you notice the beginnings of fog on the glass is to turn the heater temperature to cold and then turn on the defrost. It may sound counterproductive, but it works. And you don’t have to sit in the cold air for long before the fog dissipates on the windshield. The fog will eventually return, but a quick flip of the temperature should ward away any further condensation from forming.

One of the major no-no’s when dealing with fog is to keep the air circulating throughout the vehicle. There is a switch on most modern vehicles that controls the air circulation throughout the cab. When the button is switched to on, the moisture is being circulated throughout the vehicle, making it difficult to keep the windshield free of fog.

A foggy windshield can be dangerous. Stay safe on the roads this fall. If you have any questions about your vehicle, or are ready to schedule your next routine service, then call your professional mechanic at Willard’s Garage today.



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