Broken Bulbs

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05 May Broken Bulbs

Most folks don’t realize they have a taillight out until someone else tells them. Unfortunately, the person who delivers the news can be a Police Officer; bright flashing lights in the rearview while on your way home from work. Light bulbs don’t last forever, and the bulbs that illuminate our vehicles undergo physical stress and deteriorate with time and exposure to the elements. It’s a good idea to keep spare bulbs on hand; you could even keep them in your emergency travel kit (Yes, it’s a good idea to always pack an emergency travel kit especially in states like ours with large pockets of limited or no cell reception, and possibly miles and miles of highway between service stations.

When you replace the bulb, and you do it correctly, checking to see that it works properly, and discover that there are still problems such as a check light indicator, then there could be an issue within the wire harness cable. It connects to the light housing, and any damage (common damage is a burned or melted pin) will cause voltage irregularities. If you’re unable to diagnose the issue yourself, your experienced mechanic at Willard’s Garage will be able to check all the wire connections closely and determine the fault.

Other lights that can cause trouble are turn signals. When you’re unable to signal your intent to turn, you become a safety risk to everyone else on the road. If you are able, it’s important that you take any vehicle with signal issues to your experienced mechanic at Willard’s Garage immediately. Turn signals are more than mere light bulbs, and have a rate at which they blink and an electronic noise that keeps time with the rate.

If you have trouble with your vehicle’s bulbs or electrical system, your friendly and experienced mechanic at Willard’s Garage is ready to help. Call today to schedule maintenance or service.

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