Getting Your Car Ready for Spring

18 May Getting Your Car Ready for Spring

All through winter, people generally tend to care less about the look of their vehicles. It seems like the fierce weather leaves them oblivious to cleaning both the interior and exterior of their cars.

The warmth and charm of the spring sun, however, seems to really motivate us to keep our cars looking spotless. Here are a few simple tips from Willard’s Garage that will assist in you keeping your vehicle sparkling clean.

Remove Stains

If you have to remove a stain from your car, try using Lexol leather cleaner or your favorite leather cleaner. It’s best to remove stains as soon as you notice rather then let them sit for a period of time.

Paint touch ups

If you notice any sign of rust, remove it immediately by smoothly sanding it off, and by making the appropriate touch ups with paint. You’ll obviously need to purchase a good-quality paint that matches the color of your car. Also, make sure to paint over any small scratches that tarnish the look of your car, and that may also turn to rust in time.

Keep it tidy

Finally, always keep your car garbage-free and clean both the inside and the outside. Organize your CDs, as well as whatever else is lying around so that your car looks orderly.

As for the outside of your car, you don’t have to spend hours waxing it every day. Simply make sure the exterior always looks clean and relatively shiny. Shining your tires with Armor All is a quick and easy way to make your car look like a collectible. Well maybe not, but it will sure help embellish your car’s overall appearance. Also, remember that taking care of small details will make the difference between an average and a quality cleaning job.

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