Clean Your Vehicle’s Battery

09 Mar Clean Your Vehicle’s Battery

It’s been downright cold in Montana lately. Unfortunately for many of us the cold weather—twenty- to thirty-below zero (air temperature!)—turns our vehicles unreliable. And in some cases, it may be important to have some mechanical intervention with your professional mechanics at Willard’s Garage, but it may also be possible to fix things yourself. It may be that the terminals on your battery are extremely dirty, and a dirty battery is something almost anyone can easily handle alone at home. A few minutes of elbow grease—scrubbing—and your car’s once dirty battery will—hopefully—be working as good as new. Here’s how… 

The first step in cleaning the car battery is to leave the car’s engine turned off. When you are ready, locate the nut that holds the negative cable in place, and detach the cable from the post. Then do the same with the positive cable. With the battery loose, inspect it. If you notice any small cracks or fissures in the battery or around the terminals you will probably need a replacement battery. But, if you find that the battery is clean of damage, and only appears dirty, you’re in business. To scrub the battery, use this simple solution: one tablespoon of baking soda mixed into one cup of water. Use an old toothbrush to mix together the solution, and then use the same toothbrush to clean the terminals. You’re not going to hurt anything, so scrub away. When the terminals are clear of corrosion, use a spray bottle filled with clean water to wash away the solution—you don’t want any corrosion/solution left—and then use a towel to pat dry the battery and the terminals. Add a little petroleum jelly to lubricate the terminals, and reconnect everything—make sure to reconnect everything correctly. 

If you have any questions about how to clean your vehicle’s battery, or need the services of the professionals at Willard’s Garage, then call today.

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