How To Change a Tire

11 Jul How To Change a Tire

Did you know that most people have no idea how to change a tire? It’s true. According to the various sources it’s thought that anywhere from twenty-to-fifty percent of Americans have absolutely no idea how to change a tire. Probably most people think they can search the Internet on their cell phone when they need to learn; but what happens when they’re somewhere out of cell phone range? Here’s a few tips and trick to always remember when you’re out on the road; like anything, a little know-how and practice with the tools—or at the very least knowing where the tools are located/stored in the vehicle—is a good first step.

Step One

Make sure that your vehicle’s spare tire is in good working order. Oftentimes on newer vehicles/tires there is a sensor that determines when a tire’s air level is below a certain threshold, and most times this does also account for the spare. But make sure anyway that the vehicle’s spare is fully-inflated, and that it’s in good shape.

Step 2

Make sure your vehicle has its owner’s manual, the tire jack, the lug wrench (usually, the tire jack and lug wrench are stored together). Know how to get at the tools. Take them out and play with them a bit.

Step 3 (The Tire Change)

The number one step when you have a flat tire to get somewhere safe. You don’t have long, but don’t just stop in the middle of the road and wonder what to do. Pull over somewhere safe, where it appears you can safely change a tire. Take out your tools and your spare tire. Use the jack to lift the vehicle to just above the height needed to remove the old tire and replace it with a new one. With the tire lifted up and off the ground, undo the lug nuts with the lug nut wrench; remember the exact location of each of the nuts and then replace the nuts in the same order. Remove the tire and replace it with the spare, and then replace the lug nuts.

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