Tire Maintenance

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09 Nov Tire Maintenance

Believe it or not your tires, like everything on your vehicle, do need semi-regular maintenance. A little tire maintenance may extend the lifespan of your tires by a year—maybe more. And while some of this maintenance does cost money, the amount saved should be more than the cost of continual tire replacement—premature tire replacement. Here’s a few ways to keep your tires in good shape.

Air Pressure

Your tire’s air pressure will fluctuate with the outside air temps and also with usage. When it’s cold outside your tire’s will have lower pressure and when it’s hotter more. That’s all pretty simple, but it becomes a little complicated when the temps fluctuate throughout the day and you plan to check the pressures. It’s always best to check a tire’s pressure when it’s cool. This means that you shouldn’t check the tire pressure during the hottest part of the day, or when the tire has been driven on for more than a few miles. Check tire pressure in the morning, and check the tires once a month. Get a quality gauge and check the tires when the vehicle is parked at home. If the tire’s psi is a few numbers lower than the recommended psi (you can find the recommended psi on the sticker inside the door panel or in the vehicle manual) then go to the station and add some air. Try to keep all four tires inflated at an identical psi. If one tire is consistently under 20 percent less than what is recommended, it will last approximately 20 percent less. That’s significant when you consider the life of a tire.

Have a Professional Keep Up the Tires

It’s important to have the tires balanced and rotated. Proper alignment means the tires will wear evenly.

If you have any questions about the quality or state of your vehicle’s tires, then call Willard’s Garage today. If you see anything in your tires or in your vehicle’s alignment then you may have a problem that soon needs to be fixed. When it comes to your vehicle’s tires a little intervention means longevity.

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