The Professional Tune-Up

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03 Aug The Professional Tune-Up

The word tune-up gets tossed around the car world, although not everyone knows exactly what a tune-up is and the reasons why it’s important. Tune-ups are important; oftentimes, it’s the preventative maintenance stuff that keeps your vehicle on the road and healthy. Small problems can definitely manifest as much larger ones.

A tune-up is good for stability. Vehicle’s age, and as they age the ride becomes much less smooth. It’s also possible that an older vehicle may have trouble starting up on a cold morning. You mechanic at Willard’s Garage can check where the vehicle is allocating its power and energy; there are many small components that could cause an issue between the engine and the exhaust.

A tune-up is also going to give you better mileage. It’s the small details that prevent our vehicle’s from operating at top capacity. For instance, improperly aligned tires can decrease mileage because of the inefficiencies.

A tune-up will also be a terrific way for your mechanic at Willard’s Garage to check beneath the hood and ensure that everything is working appropriately. Your mechanic can diagnose small problems, problems that may not be apparent to you, and then fix them. A small problem can develop into a much larger problem and it can happen quickly. When a smaller component breaks down or operates inefficiently, the broken component can cause wear and tear on other components that rely on it, and the problems can continue throughout the vehicle’s operating systems.

If you have any questions or are ready to schedule a tune-up or your next preventative maintenance-type service (an oil change, tire rotation, wheel alignment, etc.) then call your professional mechanic at Willard’s Garage today.

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