What to do After an Auto Collision

27 Apr What to do After an Auto Collision

An auto collision is incredibly unfortunate. And in most cases, it is an extremely stressful situation for everyone involved. While it is normal to feel stressed, it’s also important to try to remain as calm as possible. The calmer that you present yourself the more likely that the events and processes that typically follow a collision will go smoother.

The first thing to remember in any collision is to keep yourself safe. If your vehicle is out of traffic then turn the vehicle off and place it in park. It’s important that you don’t accidentally walk out in traffic. If the vehicles involved are in traffic and can be moved then it’s always a good idea to move them to a safer location where those involved can share insurance information and, if the police are notified, the police can investigate. It’s also a good idea when necessary to alert other motorists of the collision; the flashing hazard lights help to warn other drivers of a problem.

If anyone is injured in the collision, call emergency services immediately. It’s always best to leave a medical diagnosis and potential treatment to medical professionals.

When everything is said and done, it’s time to call your professional mechanic at Willard’s Garage to see what can be done. If the vehicle is inoperable, you can have the vehicle towed to the shop where your professional mechanic can help to fix the damage and get your vehicle back out on the road.

Your professional at Willard’s garage can also help you work with your insurance company. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment with your professional mechanic (Remember that regular maintenance is vitally important to keeping your vehicle in shape and running efficiently), then call Willard’s Garage today.


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