Problems with Your Vehicle’s Heating and Cooling System: Symptoms and Preventative Maintenance

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19 Feb Problems with Your Vehicle’s Heating and Cooling System: Symptoms and Preventative Maintenance

We often talk about the importance of preventative maintenance; it’s the cornerstone of long-term health, efficiency, and reliability. And your vehicle’s heating and cooling systems are important components that require regular maintenance.

The winter chill is starting to take hold of our state, and your vehicle’s heating system is working hard to keep you warm; it’s a bad time to have develop unexpected problems. But it’s possible to have a complete breakdown of your vehicle’s heating unit. Equally possible to experience mild symptoms within the system that develop over time into chronic problems. One reason heating issues arise is due to low coolant levels. It may sound strange that coolant is an important component for your vehicle’s heating system, but it’s true. It’s also possible that your coolant system has air traversing throughout. Air in the coolant system reduces its efficiency, making it more difficult to warm the vehicle’s interior; it’s even possible that the air could cause the engine to overheat. The heating unit’s components, such as the heater core and the thermostat, can also develop issues. The heater’s core can develop problems such as blockages and fan-related issues that prevent air from reaching the core. The core should be regularly maintained on the same schedule as tune-ups and inspections. When the thermostat breaks, it’s possible that the heater will either work intermittently or not at all; it’s a job best left to your experienced mechanic at Willard’s Garage.

Your vehicle’s cooling system relies on the same or similar components to operate. Any of the components within the system can be checked for signs of wear and tear by your mechanic at Willard’s Garage. Your vehicle could have a condenser that is either clogged or leaking. It’s also possible that your vehicle’s compressor is damaged; compressor damage can happen even in winter, because of its location and potential exposure to the damaging impact of road debris.

If you are in need of an experienced mechanic to keep your vehicle running reliably and efficiently, call Willard’s garage today.

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