A Proper Tune up

02 Jul A Proper Tune up

Tune ups are often thought of as required maintenance for older vehicles. But the truth is that most any vehicle with a few thousand miles can benefit from a tune up. Tune ups are nothing more than a broad-scope maintenance check. Tune ups are designed to keep vehicles operating efficiently, but also ensure that any small problems that could go unnoticed, without symptom, don’t become bigger. Here’s a few of the ways in which a tune up will keep your vehicle operating at its very best.

Car, RV or Truck Tune Up Billings MT

A tune up will ensure that your vehicle is operating as efficiently as possible. For instance, when your vehicle has a number of small problems that can have a negative impact on efficiency, such as low tire pressure, sticking brakes, etc., the tune up will resolve these smaller issues and boost your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. A simple tire rotation and alignment will keep your vehicle from expending extra fuel on even the shortest commute.

For the aged vehicle, a tune up can do wonders. As vehicles age, the once smooth-feeling ride will diminish. It could diminish to the point of a shaky feel, and these rougher rides are generally more common on colder days. The tune up will check the power and energy transfer between the engine and the tailpipe and likely determine the problem.

There are also instances where the vehicle’s computer has registered a problem or several problems and has turned on the check engine light. The check engine light is not something to be simply ignored. It’s a sign of a problem, and a tune up performed by your experienced mechanic at Willard’s Garage will be able to determine the cause of the light.

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